When Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin decided to partner to create a coven of their own, they created sacred space in the northeast Georgia mountains. As a result, Willow Wood is a close-knit Wiccan coven open to all adult seekers who have love in their heart, a sincere desire to learn the ways of the Old Religion, and seek the love and light of the Goddess and God. At the Grove of the Willow Wood, we provide a sanctuary to experience the Old Religion where people can rediscover themselves and the Old Gods.


On Lammas 2008, Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin, initiates of Lady Larina, formally and ritually hived from Ravenwood with the love, support, and blessings of many Craft Elders and Craft brothers and sisters.

The Grove of the Willow Wood celebrated its first sabbat on Mabon 2008.